pubg new map

PUBG season 5 is coming to an end soon, making it the perfect time to tease new content for the coming season, Shakedown. The official PUBG Twitter page has posted a few new screenshots that point to a new map. (map Karakin)

Map Karakin Two Word:

It was originally assumed that the map is somewhere in Greece or Italy, but the words “Jamila” and “Rakin” that are visible in the picture are in fact Arabic words that suggest that it is going to be a map of the Middle East. A user even placed an image of an island in the Middle East that matches the map on the image.

Karakin new map

In addition, a separate teaser posted by the Japanese PUBG Twitter page shows players fighting in a different part of the same card. There are visible bullet holes and other damage to the wall, indicating that the new card will have a destructible environment.

This card also contains a new technician named “Black Zone”. Black Zone destroys all buildings in it that connect to the other teaser that shows a destructible environment.

karakin mini map

The update for Season 6: Shakedown will contain live servers within a week and will be available for console players on January 30. Test servers go live tomorrow and we expect to see more soon.


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