NADRA is investigating officials

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched a high-level investigation against its officials over the issue of CNICs to registered Afghan citizens.

A preliminary investigation discloses that 4 officials were complex in the issuance of more than one CNIC to 11 Afghan nationals. Officials include a deputy director and three others.

In December 2019, NADRA sent notices to the eleven Afghan nationals. Nadra notices to inform the authority about their position on the matter.

However, none of the Afghan citizens came to clarify the matter. As a result, NADRA revoked its CNICs.

At a Senate committee meeting in 2018, Senator Talha Mehmood announced that NADRA had issued CNIC to Afghan intelligence officials.

The senator claimed:

Many of Tajiks and Afghans citizens given a green identity card in Pakistan. That is these foreigners’ passports also have a visa for India.

Secret services recovered 150 Pakistani CNICs from Tajik citizens during an operation in Lahore last year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that he would grant Pakistani citizenship to Afghan refugees. When Indian Prime Minister Modi, signed a controversial law to deprive minorities of Indian citizenship.

The Pakistani prime minister might consider deferring this much-vaunted decision. If foreigners continue to abuse Pakistani citizenship in consultation with government officials.


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