Infinix Note 11 Pro Launched this Week


Infinix note 11 proThe Infinix Note 11 Pro was launched this week, latest smartphone in the Midrange Note series. Infinix puts a lot of effort into the range of the new Note, and the specs are packed with heat. Before getting inside, Infinix Note 11 features a very smooth 6.95 inch screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180Hz.

Infinix comes with 64MP main camera and a 13MP front camera that provides 30x zoom. There is also a 2MP depth sensor. The perforated cutout in the center of the screen above has a 16MP selfie camera. [Full camera tour coming soon]

The Infinix Note 11 Pro also has a 5000mAh battery that supports 33W fast charging. Infinix Note 11 Pro comes with a Helio G96 processor, Mali G57 GPU, 128 GB RAM, and 8 GB RAM. Infinix introduces Mem Fusion technology, and the Note 11 Pro expands its existing 8GB of RAM and borrows an additional 3GB of on-board memory.

So, especially for heavy multitaskers like me, 11GB of RAM is now available.. XOS10 is a system-wide trend icon, bounce effect, and enhanced privacy packaged into a new secure software experience.

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In addition to these key features, XOS 10 comes with a MOL conversion engine, smart panel, power marathon, Clone, monster game kit and privacy tracker to give you a seamless experience with the Note 11 series. Other features include Dar-link 2.0 Game Booster software. , DTS Audio, Supercool system with 9 layers of 3D graphene film for cooling, UFS2.2 with Write Booster, linear motor technology, In sync application for multi-screen collaboration and image mirroring.

Alternatively, send images, videos, and audio between your smartphone and your TV, and use your smartphone as a remote control with simple touch and voice commands using artificial intelligence (AI) voice supported by OTA software updates. You can also see the Android 12 update for Note 11. Games, intensive browsing and streaming. Do not smoke INFINIX NOTE 11 PRO. Make a phone call when you get to work on your daily tasks. With a lot of browsing in Chrome, I’ve easily tried several applications all day long, including YouTube, Trello, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Notion, Spotify, and I’ve been able to get back to these applications without delay.

This phone promises and provides reliable performance. I have no questions. Game performance on this phone is easy thanks to RAM, ROM, chip combinations, and software optimization.

Game Prospective

Heavy games such as PUBG mobile, Asphalt 9, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Among Us, Dead Trigger 2, Call of Duty Mobile use Infinix’s monster game kit and frequent happy experiences with the best graphic settings. Was played in. Less intense games such as Two Dots, Alto’s Odyssey, Ninja Arashi 2, Critical Ops, and NFS No Limits were also handled pretty well. There are no breaks or hanging frames during play. Note 11 Pro uses a built-in 3D layer graphene film to keep heat at manageable levels, so performance is maintained over extended play.

That’s not all, Infinix has several built-in features that give Note 11 Pro unquestionable performance no matter what you throw. Infinix uses Mem Fusion with a swap mechanism that uses “dual swap partition technology” and “hot and cold page identification algorithms” to mark hot and cold depending on the activity level of the memory page and to different swap partitions. Save to reduce storage deletion device.


It slows down reading and improves the responsiveness of commonly used applications. To access this feature, go to Settings> Storage, click the three-dot memo icon in the upper right corner, and select the Mem Fusion check box. The AI ​​prediction algorithm is also used in Note 11 Pro to predict background applications that will not be used for a period of time based on user regulations and store them in extended memory.

The Infinix Note 11 Pro is powerful enough that all of these competing specifications give the results worthy of its expert name. Stay tuned for a complete review and complete camera layout scheduled for later this week. Price and availability

Infinix Note 11 Pro is sold offline on the Ksh 27499 at retail stores nationwide, as well as online at XPARK, the official online store, and other online e-commerce partners such as Jumia.


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