India restores internet in occupied Kashmir behind five months blackout

india restores internet

The Narendra Modi government has finally India restores the internet to occupied Kashmir India (IOK) this Saturday. This occurs after a communication offensive of five and a half months in the valley. Other services, such as mobile data, have also been restored, but remain limited to 2G speeds.

“Mobile data services and access to the Internet via a fixed-line will be allowed through the territory of the Jammu and Kashmir Union with some restrictions,” reads the department of origin of the notification territory.

India Restores Internet

However, certain sites, such as social networks, remain blocked. In fact, only 301 websites approved by the Indian government were made accessible. These include entertainment websites such as Amazon and Netflix, as well as international news publications. Point-to-point communications and virtual private networks (VPNs) also remain blocked.(India restores internet)

The citizens of Kashmir are not satisfied with the limited restores internet, after almost 6 months without the internet. They believe they deserve more after being deprived of internet services after such a long time. “I am very frustrated,” Zainab Shahid, a 29-year-old Ph.D., told Al Jazeera. “What would a student do with the speed of 2G internet? Do you think it’s justice after six months?

As you will remember, Modi’s BJP party succeeded in eliminating articles 370 and 35A of the country’s constitution in the Indian legislature that stripped the status of IOK as a special state that enjoys partial autonomy. Subsequently, the Indian army transferred thousands of soldiers to the area and imposed a curfew on its seven million inhabitants. Reports of human rights abuses also became a common occurrence. Because of this, life in Kashmir has not been easy, and these conditions have had a high cost in the economy of the valley.


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