How to eat food, to get save from diseases?

how to digest eat food

Fasting is the practice in most religions for a specific Period of time. By fasting, we not only training our soul to be patient. But also we are training our stomach, how to digest eat food and it is also a useful process to clean our body.

What is Yeast in the Stomach?

Mostly remaining particles of food in the stomach become yeast and this gets to the blood and starts polluting it and sometimes it turns into a more poisonous state and damage or body.

Whenever we mix yeast wheat with wheat then normal wheat also turns into yeast wheat. Similarly happens when you eat food before the food you have eaten before is digested properly. The food you are eating just gets wasted (also become the yeast).

Why Medicines become non-affective?

This is mostly the reason Medicine lose their effect. We eat medicine and it is not affecting our body and in some cases condition of the patient gets worse this is because medicine starts reacting with the non-digestive food and we think that The Doctor is not prescribed the correct medicine.

Non-digestive food is also the cause of acidity in our stomach. When it’s worse, it damages the kidney and other sensitive parts of the body and becomes the reason for intense diseases.

So to having new food and effective result of medicine we must first digest previously eaten food.

What is the actual Portion to Eat Food?

The actual portion of food is the portion of what the body needs. If we have only that amount of food that our body needs then it will easily digest and can be more healthy.

Only eat food when you really need to feel like eating or when your body tells you to have it. This is the time when you feel your face getting hot after having food when you are actually hungry it will let your taste buds to have the actual taste of the food and make you feel energetic. Having food at this time also helps to digest easily.

Regardless of having the above condition when you feel hungry, you feel cold or your heart becomes uncertain then this is not the hunger this is the disease that must be cured. The sudden remedy for this is to have some Honey directly or mix it with water, also can have some sips of light tea with a small portion of snacks or eat some seasonal fruits. If you eat a full meal in this condition then in the long term you are making room for very dangerous diseases.


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