Grindr fined $11.7 million for unauthorized sharing of private user data


Grindr will be fined 100 million Norwegian kroner, or about $11.7 million, by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Wrongfully sharing private data about Grindr clients to promoters, as per The New York Times.

Last January, the Norwegian Consumer Council recorded three grumblings against Grindr for sharing individual data. Including clients’ areas and data about the gadget, they were utilizing, with publicists. (One of those sponsors was MoPub, Twitter’s versatile promotions organization.) Associating that data with an individual might actually demonstrate that individual’s sexual direction without their assent. Now, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority is making a move against Grindr for the training.

Grindr has until February fifteenth to remark on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s decision.

“We endless improve our security Prepared in light of advancing Conservation laws and Requirement. And anticipate going into a money-making exchange with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority”. Bill Shafton, Grindr’s VP of business and lawful undertakings.

The application isn’t especially notable for taking incredible consideration of its clients’ security. Grindr was found uncovering clients’ HIV statuses to two different organizations in April 2018, which the organization has quit doing. Furthermore, with one especially awful weakness, which we expounded on in October. Any individual who realized your email address might actually get to your record.

Grindr has another proprietor after a US government council communicated public security worries about the application. It was sold by its Chinese proprietors to speculator bunch San Vicente Acquisition in March 2020.


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