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Federal Minister for Planning and Development – Asad Umar led the signing ceremony of a historic MoU. The governments of Finland and Pakistan to launch an initiative to train 1 million students in disruptive-technologies. such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)), Gaming tech, health tech, etc.

This is the first and largest “Mass IT Education Program” in cooperation with the Finnish government. It is managed by renowned institutions such as the “Kajaani University of Applied Sciences”, Finland, the “Allied ICT”, Finland and the Virtual University (VU) Pakistan and commissioned by a local partner – Integration Xperts (IX) – to provide technical in Pakistan Know-how.

Former Minister of Information Technology, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui (MNA) also attended the event, accompanied by senior officials from the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications, CEO of Kajaani University, Matti Saren, Rector of VU-Mr. Naeem Tariq, a delegate from Allied ICT Finland and Global Alliance, etc., and the CEO of Vendor Junction (regional partner) – Sayed Jawed, witnessed the signing ceremony, along with Umair Azam – managing director of Integration Xperts (representative in Pakistan)). All of these stakeholders have worked hard over the past year to make this a reality.

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui thanked the Finnish government for their support and said:

This valuable initiative reflects the Pakistani government’s commitment to enriching the economy with an additional skilled workforce of one million young people trained to European professional standards to acquire special skills. You will be able to benefit from the latest trends in information technology. With their globally recognized certifications, these new human resources will strengthen the Pakistani IT industry by promoting a wide range of technology startups. Pakistan is thus gaining a competitive advantage in the global free work environment and is becoming an attractive destination for international companies looking for qualified technology experts.

The President and CEO of Kajaani University and member of ICT Finland – Matti Saren said:

The Economist Intelligence Report has declared Finland to be the best country in the world. Finland reported that future skills education. While OECD PISA research has declared Finland to be the best higher education. So Far training system in the world. In the past year, Vendor Junction and Integration Xperts have been looking for ways to access. Vendor Junction and Integration Xperts is the highest quality of mass education, technology and ideas. after the proven Finnish system, millions of Pakistanis become highly valued experts in the global business environment. Europe companies chance to invvestment in the region with identifying. Which promises great talent for building innovative companies.

Anas Al Natsheh – Director of International Education Cooperation at Kajaani University said:

Imaginative international collaborations and digital technologies provide access to high-quality education around the world, promote innovations, new ideas, and products. These collaborations serve as excellent platforms for knowledge exchange, teaching, and learning. Rapid progress promises speed up progress for developing countries.

Jarmo Jarvenpaa, the member of Allied ICT Finland and CEO of iSTOC, said:

Digitization creates a whole new world of growth opportunities. Partnerships provide new ways to attract investments and achieve agility for success. Allied ICT has already run a successful infectious disease program in Pakistan. Now we are implementing this international training program for nurses and medical staff through mHealth training.

The experts involved in this initiative are aware that AI, IoT, machine learning, data analysis, digital networks, games. Drone technology is an essential prerequisite for success in the global ICT market. Investments in high-quality incubation and marketing centers with accredited certifications. These are required to promote local talent and research-based startups. So that can impact continual and life in society as a whole


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