Engro Polymer reports gas leak at the Port Qasim plant

Port Qasim plant

Engro Polymer and Chemicals (EPCL) has reported an isolated gas leak incident that occurred in the morning in the EPCL plant in Port Qasim.

Early in the morning at 10:10 a.m., there was an isolated incident of chlorine gas release through the vents in the Engro Polymer & Chemicals Plant in Port Qasim.

According to the announcement to the PSX, some people have been transferred to a nearby medical facility for vomiting/nausea treatment. The company’s employees accompany these people to ensure that they receive adequate medical treatment. According to the first reports, no injuries or death reports.

According to the information sheet available from us, this was a chlorine gas that was free through the ventilation slots. There was no explosion at all, the company added.

Also read that extensive exposure to chlorine gas can be dangerous. However, victims of this incident give first aid and there were no reports of excessive exposure.

The company also says that gas release was immediately hold back by switching off the relevant part of the facility. Due to the quick identification of the incident and the quick response of the staff. The matter was quickly accommodated and the staff was immediately taken to nearby medical facilities for necessary first aid.

The company gathers full details of the incident. As a precaution, certain areas of the system have been switched offline.

The company will conduct a full and thorough investigation into the incident. And will keep the stock exchange informed of any significant developments in the matter.

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