Do you buy Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy Note10 plus?

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Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 plus are officially announced. It is a specification that is full of specifications like Samsung, and it can be called the top class among models released/announced in 2019.

Although the release in Japan has not been officially announced yet, if you look at the flow of Samsung Note 9 released last year, Galaxy Note 10 / Galaxy Note10 plus will also be released from au and Docomo.

On the other hand, in the global market, Samsung announcements will also be launched on August 23. The question here is whether you should buy the Samsung Note10 / Galaxy Note10 plus or not. While checking the features of Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 +, I would like to see if it should be purchased

Equipped with a powerful display


The feature of Galaxy Note is its display size. In recent years, the display size of smartphones has increased due to changes in the aspect ratio, but there is Samsung. Galaxy Note10 is 6.3 inches. The Galaxy Note10 + is well-differentiated from its competitors by having a large 6.8-inch display.

The Dynamic AMOLED, which was first adopted in the Galaxy S10, has been adopted in the Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 +, making it possible to express more vivid colors. The display resolution is FHD + (2280×1080) for Galaxy Note10 and 3040 × 1440 for Galaxy Note10 +.

On specifications, Galaxy Note10 may feel unsatisfactory. Samsung has covered this wonderfully by adopting Dynamic AMOLED. And speaking of Galaxy, we adopt the familiar Edge style. The main body is thin and light, so the balance between the large display and the ease of holding it is exquisite.

Galaxy Note10 plus Storage

The Galaxy S10 + supports 1TB of storage for the first time, but the Galaxy Note10 + has been changed to a maximum of 512GB. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note10 does not support SD cards, but the Galaxy Note10 + does.

The RAM is based on 8GB. Galaxy Note10 + supports up to 12GB. With 12GB of RAM, there’s no wobbling, and you don’t have to worry about apps falling off.

The SoC adopts Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9825 (depending on the release region, either is installed). Samsung’s first model using Exynos9825 developed at 7nm will be released in many regions. It seems that Samsung is the fastest adopter of the latest SoC just announced the other day. I think that it can meet the needs of many users with storage and processing performance.

Battery life has improved. The most important enhancement is the charging speed

Galaxy Note10 has a 3500mAh battery. Galaxy Note10 + has a 4300mAh battery. Unlike other models, S-Pen is built-in, so I think Samsung had a hard time securing internal space.

As a result, the battery life has improved while the display size has increased. However, with the Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 +, there was a cost that the earphone jack was abolished in common.

And noteworthy is the charging speed. The Galaxy Note10 can be charged up to 25W. The Galaxy Note10 + can be charged at a maximum charging speed of 45W. Rapid charging has been greatly enhanced because the charging speed of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + was 15W.

Especially since the Galaxy Note10 + can be charged at 45W, more than 70% can be charged in 30 minutes. Good battery life. The charging speed is also fast. Because of this balance, you can use the Power Share function more effectively, which allows you to share the battery with others.

Variations for shooting with S-Pen

Galaxy Note10 is equipped with a triple-lens camera. Galaxy Note10 + is equipped with a TOF sensor in addition to the triple-lens camera. With a TOF sensor, the subject can be more clearly recognized, so the degree of perfection in blurred shooting and AR shooting will be higher.

With the TOF sensor, live focus can be used for video recording. And in Galaxy S10, the night mode corresponding to the update is supported as standard. The Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 + supports the automatic variable aperture function. The camera automatically adjusts the aperture according to the shooting scene, so you can take pictures with optimal brightness.

The Galaxy Note9 is compatible with Bluetooth, making it possible to shoot photos and videos with S-Pen. And on Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 plus, S-Pen is further enhanced, and gesture operation is possible.
It is possible to operate only S-Pen, such as switching zoom and in-camera.

In addition, a function that allows you to doodle in real-time using the AR function has been added. With this function, you can make handwritten arrangements with S-Pen before shooting and then shoot.

S-Pen has been used to process memos, but the Samsung Note10 / Galaxy Note10 + brings the latest revolution in taking pictures and videos.

Stylish design that you should not forget.


Galaxy Note10 is available in 5 colors in all colors, depending on the release area. Galaxy Note10 plus has 4 colors. Of particular note is the main color, Auro Glow. We are now using the trendy gradation color.

And in Galaxy Note9 Color is white, which was a regional limited color, has become a standard color, and pink, which seems to be good for women, is also available on the Galaxy Note10 only.

By adding colors attract by women, including Aura Glow, to the lineup, I think that designs can be highly evaluated by both men and women.

Should You Buy Galaxy Note10

In recent years, it has become difficult to understand the evolution of smartphones, while the Galaxy Note 10 / Galaxy Note 10+ inherits the goodness of the Galaxy Note, but by taking in the essence of the Galaxy S series, you can confirm the evolution very well. Finished with a high degree of perfection.

It is surely recommended for new Mobile Galaxy users. However, the Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 + does not have easy-to-understand features like the zoom function of Huawei P30 Pro or the 4K OLED HDR of Xperia 1.

However, there is no other model whose design and perfection are so high in specifications. That’s why I think the Galaxy Note10 / Galaxy Note10 + can be used for almighty in various situations.



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