Current Huawei phones can be hacked if you install Google Apps

huawei phone hacked google

Since the Chinese company was blacklisted by the United States last year, Google has been limited to working with Huawei (hacked) . Since then, Huawei phones have no longer supported for Google services or apps, so users can download them from third-party websites via APKs (Android Package Kits).

Google has now released an official warning about users downloading apps on newer Huawei phones from the site. These apps may not work reliably because they are vulnerable to manipulation.

The article is by Tristan Ostrovski, Legal Director for Android and Google Play. Who has cautioned clients of the risks of sideloading applications and administrations on more up to date Huawei mobile phones. It is speak that all Huawei gadgets dismiss after May 16, 2019 have not obtain Play Protection confirmation. Which can identify when the equipment has been undermined.

This means that side-loaded apps on these phones are not reliable and pose. A high security risk as they are show to changes and manipulation.

Fortunately, most of the Huawei devices currently available on the market are still fully compatible with Google’s Play Protect software. This means that they will continue to receive security updates and support “as long as Google allows”.

Huawei has continually received temporary bans that allow the company to trade with U.S. companies to a limited extent. However, it is not clear whether the 45-week extension last week will be the last.

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