An investigation has been launched on more than 5 million Tesla Cars


tesla gameplayAn investigation has been launched on more than 5 million Tesla cars equipped with touch screens in the US.

This is after a user filed a complaint that they found they could play while driving a Tesla Car.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been monitoring 580,000 Tesla models since 2017.

This feature is called Passenger Play and it allows users to play games on their car’s touch screen.

Please note that playing on the go is “passenger only” and request confirmation before play is allowed.

But the NHTSA notes that Passenger Play can “distract the driver and increase the risk of an accident.”

He added that this feature will be available from last Dec 2020. Previously, the game feature was only active when the car was in parking mode.

Earlier this month, NHTSA reported that drivers were responsible for 3,142 road deaths in 2019.

Guidelines released by the agency in 2013 suggest that in-vehicle devices should be designed in such a way that drivers cannot use them to perform “secondary distractions while driving.”

Last month, Tesla owner Vince Payton of Oregon saw a video on YouTube highlighting how drivers can use Passenger Play.

After testing it in the parking lot and discovering that it could actually play various games while driving, he filed a complaint with NHTSA, describing the feature as “reckless negligence.”


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