Amazon will begin selling the cashless Go system to other retailers

Amazon cashless Go system to other retailers

According to Reuters, Amazon will start selling the technology behind its checkout-less Amazon Go stores to other retailers. According to reports, “multiple” retailers have already signed up to use the system, which Amazon markets as just walk out technology. A website that Reuters plans to launch today will invite other retailers to inquire about the service.

Amazon’s system uses a combination of ceiling-mounted cameras and shelf weight sensors to automatically track customers and items as they move around a store. Once someone has finished shopping, they can leave the store without scanning anything or interacting with a cashier. Your account will be automatically billed and a receipt emailed to you. Amazon opened its first clerk less store back in December 2016 and as of now works around 26 areas in the U.S., including the principal customary supermarket that opened a month ago.

Amazon Sells to Other Retailer

According to Reuters, the version of the system that Amazon sells to other retailers will work somewhat differently than the system in its own locations. Instead of scanning an app, customers instead insert a credit card into a closed turnstile at the entrance to the store. These hubs are set to the Amazon brand, otherwise, each location is branded by its respective retailer. According to Reuters, Amazon will also install ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors at each location.

There have been rumors for some time that Amazon licensed Go technology to other retailers. Last year, Bloomberg reported that Amazon plans to sell the technology in 2020. Reuters notes that in previous reports, airport businesses could be among the first to receive the new technology.

Dilip Kumar, VP of physical retail and innovation at Amazon. Declined to remark on Reuters about the plan of action Amazon utilizes for the innovation, and wouldn’t state the amount it charges. However, according to Reuters, the service could have positive side effects for other Amazon businesses. Including increasing use of Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud service.

There is also the question of customer data and who owns it. If a customer wants to receive a receipt via email. They must enter their email address in a kiosk in the store. Amazon links it to their credit card information. In any case, Kumar said that Amazon will just utilize Just Walk Out innovation information to help its retailers.

Amazon could face challenges for more retailers as it launches its new technology. Reuters notes that some retailers have resisted working with Amazon in the past. Because they see it as a competitor and disruptor. Earlier reports also raised concerns about the system’s footprint, with high ceilings apparently essential for the cameras to function.


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