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refob about us

Refob brings together important technology news, business and start-up tips, and industry research. We want to educate and connect those with entrepreneurial engagement from around the world to help
our readers make smarter business decisions.

At Refob, we go beyond the traditional lint and flat analysis that you often find on the Internet. We are proud to be an authentic and trusted source of information on business, technology and other topics of
interest to business owners and those who wish to become one.

Whether you are a business student, a founder or a solo educator, we can help you learn and grow.

Be inspired by success stories. Learn from experts. Get the global news that matters most to your business.

We are Refob.

What Refob Can Do For You:

When you visit Refob, you’ll find articles and resources to help you build a thriving business and find more balance in your personal and professional lives. Here is a Collected of what you will find:

• Detail about exciting startups
• Comprehensive research and discussions on business and technology News
• The latest trends for search engines and social media
• Guides and inspiring stories from experienced life coaches
• Tips and advice to help entrepreneurs make the most of the latest technological developments

Refob Mission:

Our mission at Refob is to report news related to start-ups, entrepreneurship, and technology in Pakistan. Most other websites that start in Pakistan have westerners as their main target group. Every
single Pakistani reader is valuable to us. We will never be too busy to hear your feedback, opinion or criticism. If you ever want to email us to talk to one of our authors, you are welcome to do so!

Human Missteps

All things considered, each individual in this group is human. Accordingly, we will make “human missteps” when these episodes happen. We trust you don’t shell our remark area with pessimism and
rather simply send us an email with your solicitation.